Here to Help

We Are Here To Help!

You may experience some bumps while you are on your journey through school. The good news is you aren't alone on your journey – we have qualified and caring staff at all of our schools ready and willing to help you along the way. We also have access to resources elsewhere in the community that can help you deal with just about any issue.

Each of our nine high schools has resource and support services to help you. Click on the links below to get some information about what these resources can provide for you.       

There are also experienced staff at all of our elementary schools who can assist with a whole lot of issues.

Whether it is academic assistance, spiritual guidance, support to deal with a health related concern or personal issue, it is important for you to reach out for help. 

Academic Assistance

It isn't always easy to achieve academic success – you may have difficulty choosing a destination for your future, achieving good grades or even getting the credits you need to graduate. There are people at your school that can provide the support you need to achieve academic success and help you plan for life beyond high school.

Spiritual Guidance

As a student at a Catholic high school, we are concerned about your spiritual well-being. We want you to experience a faith-filled learning experience, where you feel cherished as an individual created in the image of God. The on-site chaplaincy team leader at your school is there to help meet your spiritual needs and provide counselling, spiritual direction, and resource support, whenever you may need it.

Health Issues

We partner closely with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit to help ensure all of our students are provided with a healthy and safe learning environment. High school students are often faced with difficult issues concerning their health. From drugs to health eating, the Health Unit is a great resource for students when they are faced with difficult issues. 

You can visit the Health Unit's teen web site The Phakz to get some useful information. Please note that the Health Unit web site is separate from our site and may contain information contrary to our beliefs as a Catholic organization. 

Some Great Resources

We know that students may be faced with a range of issues that can impact their academic success and, more importantly, their health and safety. You may have a friend or classmate who is experiencing difficulty or perhaps you are having a tough time. You or someone you know may be experiencing problems like addiction, depression, stress or problems at home. Whatever the  situation, it is important that everyone in our Catholic school communities feels supported and has hope for the future. 

We have prepared some excellent resource documents to help students get through whatever difficulty they may be facing. These sheets provide information, tips and local community resources (phone numbers and web sites).

Addiction Depression
Dating Eating Disorders
Cutting Loss
Parents Pregnancy

High School Resource and Support Staff

School Chaplaincy

One of the great benefits you receive by attending one of our Catholic high schools is that we have a chaplaincy team leader on-site to serve the spiritual needs of students and staff. 

Our chaplaincy team leaders provide spiritual guidance and support faith development for the school community in a number of ways:

  • Preparing and leading prayer in the school
  • Providing for the observation and celebration in the school of the special seasons and feasts of the Church’s liturgical year
  • Maintaining a link with the local parish in which the school is located
  • Overseeing the school’s retreat program
  • Fostering an awareness of social justices, and our call as Christians to respond

Chaplaincy team leaders are available for spiritual direction and resource support for any student who may be experiencing loss due to a death, separation or divorce in their family.

For more detailed information on our chaplaincy program, please visit the High School Chaplaincy
section of this web site.

Guidance Services

The Guidance Department plays an important role in assisting students with selecting a school program that best suits their future educational and career aspirations. You can arrange for individual counselling interviews to discuss matters of interest and concern with a counsellor, in confidence.

For more detailed information on our Guidance services, please visit the Guidance Services
section of this web site.

Library Resources

All of our secondary schools have Library Resource Centres to provide students with a variety of materials and resources for study and recreational purposes. The Library Resource Centre works cooperatively with teachers to ensure that your research skills and assignments reinforce classroom lessons. You can get individual help with organizing projects and essays, locating information and setting up presentations.

The Library Resource Centres provide students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful learning experiences, share information and ideas, solve problems and become self-motivated and self-directed learners, which will help you become an active learner.

Resource Services

It is important that all of our students gain a sense of self-worth and belonging within their school. We strive to help you make an easy transition into high school and provide a variety of opportunities for special help or enrichment. 

Students who received resource assistance while in elementary school may be able to continue with assistance while in high school. In addition, we can help you develop a range of important skills, such as time management or good study practices. The resource team at each of our high schools is trained to help you by providing lots of opportunities to enhance your learning environment.

Resource Team

Each high school is supported by an interdisciplinary team trained to support the needs of individual students, staff and the entire school community. The team includes:

  • Secondary Curriculum Consultants
  • Secondary Computer Consultant
  • Secondary Special Education Consultant
  • Social Worker
  • Psychologist

In addition to the above supports, each school has access to the following specialized staff that provide assistance to teachers on an as needed basis:

  • Vision Resource Teacher
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resource Teacher and Consultant
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultants

For more information please visit our Special Education Support Services link.

Special Education

We believe that all students are created in the image of God and bring with them their own unique gifts and talents. We value students with different learning needs and work really hard to meet those needs within an inclusive environment. We will provide appropriate programs and services in a flexible, respectful and inclusive way so that all students can be successful.

For more information, please visit our Special Education section of our web site.