Get on the Bus

Get on the bus...

We are committed to making Catholic education available to you by providing safe and reliable bus transportation for students who live further distances from school. In order for you to be able to ride our busses, the distance you travel one way must be greater than 1.6 kilometers (for elementary students), and 3.2 kilometers (for high school students).

Riding the bus is an important part of your school experience. We want to ensure that all of our students are made to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. This requires the support of parents, students and all members of our community who use the roads when school buses are in operation.

School Bus Service During Inclement Weather

When weather conditions become severe, we make special arrangements to ensure you are safe.

Please keep the following in mind when we experience severe weather conditions:

  • When the decision to cancel buses has been made due to severe weather conditions, an announcement will be put on this web site, your school's websites plus the local radio and television stations

  • It is important to note that when buses have been cancelled in the morning they will not run in the afternoon

  • From time to time during the school year, individual buses may be cancelled or running late. Please ensure you know your bus number and bus company name since this will be announced on this web site and the local radio stations
  • During very cold temperatures, we recommend you take extra measures to ensure you are dressed appropriately. Don't go to the bus stop early because we don't want you standing in the cold for lengthy periods
  • On inclement weather days, please check the Home Page of this web site to get the latest updates. Local radio stations and other media broadcasts will also report late buses and cancellations. It is important to avoid calling the school, the Transportation Consortium or the media outlets as their lines get tied up. This web site and media outlets will provide regular updates.  

Some Tips to Ensure Your Safety

  • We recommend that you arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to the arrival time for your bus

  • Make sure you know your bus number in case you have to refer to it or if there are cancellations

  • Be aware that there are specific pick-up and drop-off zones. Make sure you wait for the bus in a safe place – well off the roadway and not on neighbours’ lawns

  • Keep traffic safety (both on and off the bus) in mind at all times – being aware of traffic flow and leaving the bus loading area promptly after drop-off is an important safety tip

  • It is helpful to know about the rules and regulations of riding a school bus.  Although it is very rare, school bus privileges can be suspended temporarily or permanently if a student doesn't respect the rules and regulations that are in place for the safety of everyone

  • You should always enter the bus in an orderly manner and immediately find a seat. Once on the bus please follow the instructions of the school bus driver

  • It is important to remain in your seat while the bus is in motion

  • There are certain objects that you are not permitted to bring on the bus so that we are able to keep all riders safe, in particular:
    • Musical instruments in cases are acceptable on the bus as long as they can be held securely
    • Skates must have guards and should be carried in a sports type bag
    • Skis, snowboards, hockey sticks, toboggans, snow racers, skateboards, curling brooms, pets, large project displays and similar equipment are not to be carried on regular home to school bus runs
    • If you are involved in special programs, on a field trip or participating in a special activity, we ask that you make special arrangements to have your equipment delivered to the school
  • You must also refrain from eating or drinking on the bus

  • Heads and arms must stay inside the bus at all time and aisles should be kept clear