Choosing a Catholic School

Choosing a Catholic School

We are a “faith filled Catholic learning community, dedicated to excellence.” This is the vision of our Board and that is our commitment to you when choose to attend on of our Catholic schools.

When you choose a Catholic school you will have the opportunity to grow in faith and knowledge, to participate in the many, varied aspects of your community, make some great friends and to gain valuable, rewarding life experiences.

Our Programs

All of our schools offer an excellent and unique educational program, giving you access to current technology and resources. We believe that every child is an individual created in the image of God. We value your uniqueness and will work hard to meet your spiritual, educational, emotional and physical needs through our various programs.

Our schools pay particular attention to preparing students for the demands of either post-secondary education or the world of work. We value all destinations – whether your post-secondary future includes college, starting an apprenticeship, entering the workforce or going to university, we offer a range of excellent programs to meet your needs. We deliver a curriculum that is challenging, relevant, rewarding and enriched with the deep faith convictions that make up our Catholic faith experience.

What makes our Catholic schools unique?

  • Prayers and scripture are taught and integrated into school life
  • We are able to actively support and enrich our growth as a faith community
  • We have a direct and meaningful connection with the parishes in our school communities
  • We support parishes as they prepare you to receive the sacraments
  • We have chaplaincy team leaders available on site in each of our high schools to support and develop your spiritual growth
  • We encourage social justice, respect for life and responsibility for all God's creations through our classroom teachings and extracurricular activities
  • Our Catholic beliefs and values are integrated into curriculum teachings. Regardless of whether it is science, English or religion class, the information we teach you is infused with our Gospel values
  • Religious education is integrated as part of the required curriculum teachings in both the elementary and secondary levels
  • Our faith values permeate the total life of our Catholic school communities
  • Our faith is reflected through religious symbols that are visible throughout all of our schools