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Happy New School Year !

September 22, 2016

Dear Parents,
    Welcome to the new school year and to the grade 5 classroom!  We have enjoyed a great beginning to the year.  We have 23 students in our busy classroom. Some bits of information you need to be aware of :

indoor shoes are needed already for both in the classroom, and for gym class.  Furthermore we try to be active each day with “Daily Physical Activities” -  DPA, or during our few gym times.

thanks to all those who have already sent in their box of Kleenex tissue and paper towel roll, for the year!

3. reading - each day students will enjoy 15+ minutes of silent reading time
(DEARS), coupled with reading response time - both oral and written.  Students are asked to be reading regularly at home too .  Please remind your son / daughter to tell you about the books they are reading at school.

agendas/homework - I will be initialing every student agenda book each day.  Thank you, in advance, for assisting your student in completing daily assignments.  Please sign agendas each night at home.  A check mark indicates that the student feels they have completed the activity properly.

website - please bookmark our class website.  Homework, assignments and news will be posted daily on this site:    mr__clifford_s_class/daily_reminders__homework
The link is found via our NOD school website.

 homework - for grade five students, I do not send home piles of homework every night.  Work that you see coming home is assignments that need to be completed, after sufficient class time was given.  From time to time there will be studying homework (e.g.tests).  Please make me aware if you feel your son or daughter is spending too much time on homework.  As you may have noticed, our agendas suggest approximately 20 -30 minutes per night.  This can include reading and times table practice!  We are striving for independence.  Students have been instructed on how the 1/2 hour homework rule works.

 scholastic orders - students have the option of filling in book orders from Scholastic each month.  Mrs. Clifford,  at Monsignor Lee, will be taking those orders from our class and sending them out.  Please use exact change or write a cheque payable to “Scholastic Canada” with your order.  Watch for the odd item that requires tax.  

8.  Class Rules - we played an imaginary adventure game in class on one of the first days.  From our experience, we were able to come up with a list of rules for a code of conduct to follow.  This brought up a good discussion about rules we should follow in our own classroom setting.  These are the rules we decided upon, as a class :
    1.  follow directions
    2.  keep hands, feet and objects to yourself    
    3.  no swearing, teasing or bullying
    4.  one person speaks at a time (raise hand )
    5.  ask permission to leave the classroom

9. Times Table (Multiplication) I am strongly encouraging all the grade 5 students  to practice their multiplication table on a regular basis.  This can be done on nights when they have little or no homework.  Having strong multiplication skills pays dividends in all the upcoming grades!  Practice can be individual, oral, written out, flash cards, while driving in the car, or any method which you find helps with memorizing.

Routines - I try to follow a regular daily routine with the students.  We will also work on transitions from subject to subject.

11. In an effort to reduce paper usage, this will be the only printed newsletter.  Other updates will be found on the website and in agendas.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at the school.  I look forward to a great school year and meeting you soon!


Mr. R. Clifford
Grade 5 Teacher