The Notre Dame Virtue Tree

The Notre Dame Virtue Tree
Posted on 10/18/2018
If you have been down the hall from the Notre Dame school office recently, you will notice the beautiful painting of the Notre Dame Virtue Tree, with the virtues of Faith, Love, Justice, Truth, Service, Forgiveness, Family, Compassion, and Hope adorning the tree trunk and the branches. The tree itself is blooming with virtue leaves used to celebrate the members of our school community, recognizing them for actions that demonstrate our Catholic virtues and values, as we foster a school environment rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

When students receive a virtue leaf, they place their leaf in the wooden treasure box in the front office. From there, the names of the virtue leaf recipients are read out over the PA in the morning and then they are added to the Virtue Tree.

Once the tree is full, the leaves will begin to wrap around the hallways of the school. Keep your eyes open throughout the year to see how far around the hallways the leaves will wrap!