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Welcome back
Published on Aug 31, 2018 13:42

Hello everyone and welcome back.

I wanted to pass along a warm welcome to everyone.  The staff have been preparing for the arrival of your children.  Big thank you goes out to Monica, Pat and Kayla for sprucing up the halls and classrooms in preparation for the year.  They look great!!
This years SMCDSB theme is ' Called to be our story'.  Notre Dame Catholic School has a rich history of excellence that we strive to continue each year.   With the connection we have between family, parish, and school we look forward to continuing this excellence.
I would like to welcome the new NOD community members. I look forward to meeting each of you individually.  If you are new to the Orillia community I am sure you will enjoy the vast activities it has to offer each season.  
First day procedures will be as follows. (Weather permitting)  Sr. Kindergarten students will arrive at the kindergarten gate where they will be met by a supervisor.  When the 8:50 am bell rings the KDN teams will head outside to collect their students.
Students from Gr. 1 - 8 will continue to the back of the building following the sidewalk through the gate. In the backyard, signs indicating the grade levels will be set out.  When the 8:50 am bell rings the students will assemble by their grade sign.  Teachers from that grade will will me the students and begin organizing their classes. 
(If it rains) Kindergarten students will follow the same procedure but, will meet in Mrs. Morris' class where they will be supervised.
Students from Gr. 1 - 7 will head to the gym as they arrive to school.  There will be grade signs in the gym posted as their meeting point. Gr. 8 students will meet in the library for their class organization.
We would will have those parents attending wait on the stage. This will help allow for more space in the gym.  ( Lets hope for nice weather!!)

I hope everyone enjoys the last long weekend of the summer.
M. Piitz