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Welcome Back !!!
Published on Sep 2, 2019 14:35

Hello everyone,
As we squeeze the last few minutes out of our summer holidays I thought I would send a message welcoming everyone back and go over the first day procedures.
Firstly, I hope everyone had a restful and joyful summer.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone this week.  There have been some changes in the school since we last met.  We would like to welcome Mrs. D. VonEngelbrecten to the NOD staff.  She will be teaching the grade 2/3 class.  As well welcome to Mrs. T. Bochenek who will be teaching some of our Grade 3 students. We look forward to having them join the NOD staff.  Returning are Mrs. A. Angliss teaching Grade 4 and Ms. M. Ellis who will be here for the month of Sept. teaching French and prep.  The staff have been busy the last number of days preparing for the students.  Please look in our halls for the addition of Sensory path.  Thank you to Mrs. Lajoie and Mrs. Laframboise for taking that on. As well thank you to your parent council for sprucing up our student washrooms with inspirational and motivational quotes printed on many of the stall doors.  They look wonderful.  As we enter the school year we have experienced some growth in student registration.  As always we look forward to meeting the many new families who are joining our school community.  
Tomorrow will be a busy day at school.  If you could please review the following with you children sometime tonight or tomorrow morning that would be great.
Kindergartens - For our kindergarten friends it will be the same procedure as always.  They can enter the kindergarten area through their gate.  Supervisors will be on hand to greet them.  Their teachers will be out as the entry bell rings to organize them into their classes.  Just a reminder the KDN program is a two year program so the teacher and room they were in last year will be the teacher and room they have this year.
Grade 1 to 8 -   Weather permitting - All grade 1 - 8 students will walk to the back to the school playground.  There they will find a number which corresponds with the grades.  Once the entry bell rings at 8:50 we ask the students head to the sign of the grade they are in.  Teachers will come out with class lists and begin to call out their lists.  From that point students will head into the school with their teachers.
Raining - If it is raining it will be the usual rain day procedure. The students will enter the school from the buses through the front door.  At that time they will be directed to the gym where they will sit by their grade number.  Due to the number of students the GRADE 8 students will meet in the library for their class assignment.
If we are organizing the students in the gym we are asking that parents say their goodbyes outside.  We are now at a student population of 533 students.  Space will be at a premium and there will not be room for parents and students in the gym. We ask for your help with this. 
All school day times are the same as in previous years.  
Supervision begins 8:35
Entry bell 8:50
1st nutrition break 10:50 - 11:30
2nd nutrition break 12:50 - 1:30
Dismissal Bell 3:10

Have a great evening.
M. Piitz